I happened to join The Art Hub in June when I came to Delhi from Singapore . I had taken a few classes of painting in Singapore too. But to my utter surprise, I found such a devoted and welcoming team at The Art Hub, that from the first day it felt like my own home. I decided to do charcoal. Bhavna Ma’am suggested I make portraits. Since I have four grandchildren, my daughter in laws suggested I make their pictures . Hence I started on my journey of making family portraits. The whole team has been very helpful. It has been an amazing journey so far and I would love to continue this.Thanks a lot THE ART HUB!

Ms. Madhu Shukul

The Art hub is one of the best places to learn, the team is amazing because they cooperate with me in every possible way to make me happy and enjoy my learning process. They give me a complete freehand to decide how I want to go about my drawing. Bhavna is the most wonderful person and she makes sure the atmosphere is enjoyable and everyone learns with complete ease and joy.

Ms. Karishma Gaid

I simply love the way the teachers at the Art Hub conduct sessions with everyone and considering my son is only 3.5 the kind of patience and commitment they have shown is commendable. Everyone is so positive and knowledgeable that no doubt its one of the best places to go for art classes. Special thanks to Bhavna who started this place and gave us and opportunity to have a have this kind of experience.

Ms. Swati Gupta

The perfect place to hone your skills. Bhavna understands your requirement or the area/ medium you good at and always encourages to work ha rd towards it. The artists at the Art Hub are very talented and very very helpful. A place where you can learn various art mediums under one roof. Thank you Bhavna for giving upcoming artists like me a place to grow

Ms. Harshi Punjabi

The Art Hub is run by a very passionate entrepreneur Ms. Bhavana, I have personally learned to do Oil painting, and acrylic from The Art Hub. Though I am a working professional, The Art Hub team gave me flexi-time to pursue my skill. I truly admire the way they motivate and encourage talents irrespective of age. The Art Hub also gives us the experience of an Art Exhibition curated by the Team Art hub. In this, we get a chance to exhibit artworks and also get an opportunity to interact with the art lovers and get their feedback and appreciation too. Ms Bhavna’s involvement with her passion sets all standards and required quality. I wish her and the entire team good luck and I have strongly recommended The Art Hub as one of the leading and Top art training and grooming places in Delhi, even in the country.

Mr. Kurian Thomas

I happened to enroll my daughter at The Art Hub’s Summer course of 10 days. The results are wonderful. Firstly – She had on hand experience of sketching independently. Secondly – She experienced various forms of art viz. Sketching , Colouring , Tile Painting , Bottle painting , Clay work. Thirdly – Guided learning under experienced professionals has truly directed her energies and channelised her zeal for learning. Her imagination and visualisation skills have improved a lot. Besides fun – she is also able to concentrate better in her studies. Thanks a lot, The Art Hub, for making Samriddhi more cheerful and equipping her with capability to explore her hidden potential. Especially thanks to Director, Mrs. Minocha for her continued support and guidance.

Mr. Vipul Goel

I had joined short term classes of The Art Hub hoping to hone my painting skills. I was so very happy with the way the institute conducts the classes. The teacher artists are very accomplished and helpful in explaining every aspect of art with extraordinary patience which made my classes very educational. Not only that they also appreciate your art so much that it boosts your confidence.My sincere thanks to The Art Hub.

Ms. Anjana Prakash

Even though short , my journey was really good, I got to learn a lot. I got back something that I had lost when I was young. After the course I feel very confident about my current skills , it’s a great course for overall growth and a strong foundation. Thank you Bhavna for giving upcoming artists like me a place to grow.

Mr. Ayush Singh

My son Vikas is going for art classes at The Art Hub. I am very happy to send him there. The team is good at their work- very systematic, helpful and understanding.

Ms. Veena Kapahi

My daughter Saanvi is very passionate about art. There could not have been a better place to fulfil her passion that ‘The Art Hub’. Bhavna has been a great mentor & gives personal attention to her. All the teachers too take great interest in making students learn. In a short span of 4 months, has learnt sketching, charcoal sketching, painting with watercolour, acrylic on canvas. I am really grateful to the team for nurturing my daughter.

Ms. Sheetal Narula

Anhad & Seerat love their art classes as it has taught them to observe, analyse and experiment; use different materials/ techniques and reflect. Art has enabled them to appreciate beauty, become more self aware and self confident. They can express themselves better and realize it’s ok to make mistakes and learn from it. It has taught them to dream and most importantly clean up their mess when done. Bhavna is blessed to see the best in children and groom them in a very unfiltered atmosphere.

Anhad & Seerat

It’s awesome!!! Here the teachers are professional & above all they are passionate for their work. Their hard work & dedication is appreciated.

Ms. Neha Jain

Learning rather being creative at The Art Hub. It has been the turning point of Vaneesha’s art journey. Bhavna Ma’am and the team have really honed up her hobby into talent and have patiently guided her to realise her innate potential . It has been 5 wonderful years and still counting and after each class she still feels there is so much more to discover . I am happy that Bhavna is mentoring Vaneesha under her expert wing.

Ms. Vaneesha Khandelwal